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The Youth Department was founded to guide the energies of the youth, by designing programs and activities that build character, foster individual talents and strengths, to develop and promote leadership skills, and to groom for future church roles and responsibilities.

Our Youth Department is diverse in age (10-35), lending golden opportunities to leave positive indelible marks on many stages and levels of one's life. The Youth Department is a forerunner in engaging young people in various experiences that nurtures their spiritual growth of our faith, and the scriptures; through annual Youth Conferences, rap sessions, artistic expression, community services, and much more that balances the spiritual and natural; making for a well-rounded, productive citizen of society.

Minister James A. Strong, Jr.
National President

Our mission and focus is to allow our young men to grow more knowledgeable and confident as youth ambassadors of Christ. In doing so, this program will provide fun activities and offer hands-on experiences ...
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Delicate Beauty - the orchid flower was chosen to represent our camp because of its simple beauty and because of the transition females go through to blossom into women of strength that remain delicate beauties.
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"Godly Living; Letting Jesus Inspire the Inner Man."
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The Little Flock

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youth scholarship

It gives us great pleasure in promoting the Lord Philemon Academic Scholarship (LPAS), sponsored by the National Young People's Department (NYPD), which honors academic excellence and support of those pursuing higher education.

The NYPD regards education in high esteem and encourages young people who are enrolling in post-secondary institutions, and demonstrate aptitudes for achievement, to consider the LPAS.

We invite you to review the criteria and, if you qualify, please apply for this prestigious award.

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