Lord Philemon Academic Scholarship

The church has given over 100 scholarships to students from CLJC. Your contribution will support our youth towards gaining academic enlightenment.

Scholarship Background

The National Young People's Department (NYPD) is pleased to announce that several college scholarships will be offered for each school year. Applications will be evaluated based on previous academic/scholastic achievements, church involvement, character, and community service. Scholarship recipients must have the approval of their Local Young People's President. Each Scholarship recipient may receive up to two scholarships within a four-year period. Scholarships are not limited to post secondary studies only, but also are available to trade schools, culinary studies, beauty schools, etc.


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Community Service "ForKids Mission" Donation

This year in lieu of being in Virginia to support this charity physically the National Young People's Department will be making a donation to support their efforts. We thank you for your contribution to this year's community service.

ForKids Background

Our Mission: Breaking the cycle of homelessness and poverty for families & children. Established in May 1988 to provide emergency shelter to families and children, ForKids has grown to become one of the largest providers of homeless services to families in Virginia.


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