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10am - Noon Courageous Steps Toward Healthy Living - Aging Gracefully"
(All Ages Welcomed) - Non-Virtual - No zoom session
Facilitator: Paoli Hospital Main Line Health, Tang Pharmacy, and other Health Care Professionals
The focus on health during this session will provide valuable information on Women's Heart Health, Cardiac Risk Assessments, stroke prevention, a conversation with Dr. Gwyneth McNeil specifically addressing women's heart disease. Blood pressure screenings, as well as a registered dietician will be on hand to share important information pertaining to pre-diabetes. As a special treat, a nutrition talk including an interactive cooking demonstrations will also take place. COVID tests and vaccinations will also be available on site. An informational table providing printed handouts on Glaucoma/Cataracts, Domestic Violence, Mental Health, Menopause, Bone Density, Birth Control, STD's, and dietary guidelines will also be available as reference materials.
2pm - 4pm Being Fierce in the Face of Danger
Virtual Event - Zoom Details to be sent via The Buzz the morning of the event
Facilitators: Inspector Rashid Goins (Federal Protective Service - FPS)
and Eric Reid (Self Defense Tips)
This session will go beyond everyday policing. Come and gather some life saving tips on how to avoid becoming a victim while going about our everyday business, whether you find yourself amid a mass shooting, or a loner walking to your car in an isolated garage, this informative session will detail how to best protect yourself and those around you in dangerous and confrontation situations while help is arriving. Representatives from the Federal Protective Service (FPS) and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security DHS) will join in sharing with our audience, best practices in these scenarios. As an added treat, a few audience members will learn some self-defense tips!
7pm - 9pm Bold Conversations: What Do Men Really Think . . . ?
(About Communication, Commitment, and Compromise)
Virtual Event - Zoom Details to be sent via The Buzz the morning of the event
Facilitator: Denzel Sealz
The purpose of this “real talk”, is for the women in attendance, to take the time to stop and listen to men and their feelings, rather than expect them to think and feel as women do on these topics. Cultural norms and gender stereotypes have created a divide between males and females trying to form meaningful and lasting relationships. The fact is processing emotions are very different for men than they are for women. Participants will learn what men find attractive or not, how men feel about the “new age” woman, and you will leave with a better understanding of a male’s point of view.