Welcome to the Church of The Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith

10am - Noon How Do Your Personality Traits Impact Others?
Facilitator: Deacon Nathaniel Alridge (entire morning)
Part I (1 hour) Part I (1 hour) - This segment will help you discover how people are different when it comes to how we process and react in relationships and life situations. It will also help you think about your own strengths and potential pitfalls when interacting with others.
Part II (1 hour What Kind of Friend Are You”?
(Constituent, Comrade, or Confidant)
  This segment introduces an interpersonal development tool to help us identify three distinct categories of Friendship. After this session, you will be able to identify definitively and appropriately everyone in your social circles as a constituent, a comrade, or a confidant.
2pm - 4pm  Book Review Discussion
Facilitator: Dr. Gloria Jones

Book Title: “The Day that Changed Everything”, written by Catherine Miller
A gripping and emotional page turner about a woman (Tabitha) who after a great loss, had to figure out how to keep her dream of being a foster parent intact, while facing her own fears. The readers will engage in an interactive thought-provoking discussion with the facilitator of various aspects of the book, as it pertains to Courage.
7pm - 9pm The Price is Right Game
Facilitator: Sedrick Moore
Come On Down! Game show host, Sedrick Moore will help you determine if your price is right! This exciting game features a variety of contestants who will guess the prices of everyday retail items. The contestants selected are called to the front of the room, to play a preliminary pricing round. The winner joins the host on stage for one of several pricing games. The highest winner of each round advances to the final, “Showcase Showdown,” where prizes can be quite enticing for both the audience and brave contestants.
8AM - Midnight District Prayer Wave
Come join us for a day of unity through prayer as we ride the prayer wave, believing in God for His blessings and mercy! This is an opportunity for every believer to simultaneously unite, as we pray for one another, world events, our spiritual walk, God’s representative leaders and their families, and so much more. The outline for engagement is as follows:

1. The prayer wave will run from 8 am to midnight, dedicating 1 hour of prayer to each of the 10 Districts or Regions.
2. Your prayer may be silent or audible.
3. Prayer will not be assigned during the time of the Daily Activity sessions during the Conference.
4. Prayer will be assigned during mealtime because there is a 2-hour time slot for meals, which gives participants an adequate opportunity to both eat and pray.
5. The time slots offer participants the option to either go privately into prayer, or sit among others and offer a silent prayer.
6. All times listed are EST, however, each District or Region will pray in sync with the equivalent real time where they are physically located.
(Example: Western States ‘assigned time is 11 pm - midnight EST, which is actually 8-9 pm in Phoenix and California)
7. Everyone is strongly encouraged to participate, all ages, all believers.
8. Participants may pray for as much or as little within their assigned hour as their individual schedule allows.

8am - 9am New England District
9am - 10am Philadelphia District
(Break between 10am - noon)
12noon - 1pm MD, DC, DE District
1pm - 2pm Virginia District
(Break between 2pm - 4pm)
4pm - 5pm The Carolinas District
5pm - 6pm Georgia District
6pm - 7pm Florida District
(Break between 7pm - 9pm)
9pm - 10pm North Central District
10pm - 11pm South Central District
11pm - 12 midnight Western States District