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10am - Noon Widows, We Are Those Courageous Women
Virtual Event - Zoom Details to be sent via The Buzz the morning of the event
Facilitators: Katharin Williams and Marie Pryce
A widow is a woman whose spouse has died, and this event can occur at any age. The affects that accompany that loss vary with each widow. It may make you feel as if you have lost touch with reality! How do you deal with grief, what is it, and when is it supposed to end? How do you move on, and can widows find love again? What are the challenges of a widow, and what should you not say to a widow? What changes in the family dynamics, including finances? These questions and more will be addressed during this segment which is designed to reflect on women who find themselves in a space where they had not intended to be. Are you prepared should you become a widow?
Bus Departure: 1pm “Sight and Sound Theater (DAVID)”
and Dinner at Shady Maple Restaurant
He was a Master Poet, Fearless Warrior, Anointed King! From humble beginnings, David’s ascent to the throne is filled with towering giants, wild animals, and Philistine soldiers. After unprecedented victories lead to devasting failures, this passionate warrior will face the biggest battle of all: the one within himself. Experience one of the most legendary Bible stories as it comes to life with spectacular special effects, massive sets, and live animals in this brand new original stage production. Afterwards, dine heartily at a unique Pennsylvania Dutch smorgasbord, Shady Maple Restaurant!