Mother Jennie Dixon-Shelton Award

The Mother Jennie Dixon-Shelton
Distinguished Service/Achievement Award

The Mother Jennie Dixon Shelton Distinguished Service & Achievement Award is a lifetime achievement award in the name of our beloved Mother Jennie. This award will be reviewed annually and may be presented to two deserving individuals who have demonstrated outstanding selfless service and achievement in their familes, the church community, and beyond. These individuals have made a positive impact on the lives of one or many around them. The award will be presented in two tiers: an Apostolic Junior Achievement Award (age 18-35) and an Apostolic Senior Service Award (age 36 & above). The recipients(s) to be announced at the National Women's Conference during the Saturday event.

Applications must be received by the National Women's Department no later than the last Sunday of January for each year's award.

Nominee Eligibility Requirements

Award Application