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Welcome to the National and International Convention. On this page you will find all the schedule information pertaining to the conference.

National and International Convention

The following is the virtual itinerary for the National and International Convention.

Select a day to view the schedule. Please note, all listed times are approximated.

 Thursday, September 3th
Time Event Access
3 - 5:30pm EST Welcome to Our Virtual 87th National Convention
Opening Greetings:
  • Song “Get Here if You Can” sung by Beverly Williams
    The NAIC Planning Committee
  • Unification Day Cooking Challenge Winner Reveal
  • Meet Eat and Greet
  • Brain Teaser (try your word solving skills)
  • Bible Trivia with Pictures with Sister Shardretta Gutrick
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8:30pm EST National Business Session
  • Must join during assigned district time
  • Please see Apostolic Buzz email for further instructions
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 Friday, September 4th
Time Event Access
12noon - 2pm EST Join us for a Day of Prayer and Praise
  • Bishop’s Prayer Recited by a Blend of Saints
  • Song It’s Alright, It’s Ok
  • Saints Blended Prayer
  • The Mighty Believer and the Judge by Nathaniel Gaines
  • Praise Dance Performances
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5pm EST Testimonies of Praise Zoom Meetings Logo
8pm EST National Hour of Prayer and Testimony Zoom Meetings Logo
 Saturday, September 5th
Time Event Access
10am EST Step Aboard the Love, Faith and Joy Train
Community Service During the Pandemic Slideshow
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1 - 3pm EST Leadership and Development Workshop Zoom Meetings Logo
3pm EST Maintaining Your Christianity in Academia and Beyond, Deacon Nate Alridge
4 - 5pm EST Who am I Game
8 - 9:30pm EST Past Musical Concerts Zoom Meetings Logo
 Sunday, September 6th
Time Event Access
11am EST CLJC LogoFeasting on God’s Word
Sermon by Bishop Omega Shelton
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3 - 6pm EST Movie Documentary, “American Gospel-Christ Alone” and Live Discussion Zoom Meetings Logo
 Monday, September 7th
Time Event Access
1 - 3:15pm EST Closing with Smiles and Sweet Memories
  • Code breaker Game
  • Keep Smiling, God Is With You
  • Laugh out loud
  • Back Down Memory lane
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