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Saturday Zoom Virtual Event

Saturday, October 8, 2022 Timeframe: 1:00 - 3:30PM (Est)
"Rooted and Grounded in Love"
[Keeping our Roots Grounded in God's Word and in Healthy Living Spiritually,
Naturally, and Physically is Love and keeps us connected to the Vine]

Prayer by Bishop Omega

Deacon Jamison - Welcome

Lady Donna - Importance of Healthy Lifestyles for our Bodies as well as in our Homes.

Funny Video

  • Sis Chantal Varga - “Change for Healthier Lifestyle”
       (Plant’s Life and Human Life) Spiritually, Naturally, and Physically.

    Sharing with you the important roles and benefits of plants in our lives and how we share the same
    specific needs to thrive and live a healthy lifestyle.  Spiritually, we absorb and know God’s Word: reading,
    listening, studying and meditating. Naturally/Physically: nutrition, diet, exercise and personal care.
    Nutrition/Diet (sharing a Plant Base Meal/food tips ),
    Exercise and Personal Care - Important because all of us are Housekeepers,
    and Kitchen Managers in churches and/or in our homes (Spiritually, Naturally and Physically),
    She will also cover healthy cleaning products - for Housekeeping and Kitchen Management as well as
    for personal care and daily use as well.

  • Performance by Saxaphonist Bro Jalan of Georgia

  • Bro Stanley Bailey - “Mindset” of Wanting Better, Can Help you Change to do better.
    Sharing how he began to change and have a healthier lifestyle, When he made up in his mind that he needed to
    change - then healthy lifestyle changes started happening when he started following Dr. Gundry’s healthy regimen.

  • Testimonies

  • Mr. Jose Garza - "An Educational Perspective"
         Applied Knowledge is the Key to Living a Healthy Lifestyle.

    Key Points for Knowing what's on the labels and how Vitamins and
    Supplements apply to you and your health

    -  Vitamins, Supplements - herbs, Ingredients, knowing what's on the labels.
    -   What you should know about: Cinnamon, Coconut, Magnesium, Calcium and Iron.
    -   What is your reason for a healthy lifestyle? Let that drive you.
    -   His Father became very sick and that was his way to study health and nutrition.

  • Mother Rachel: Closing Speech

  • Closing Video

  • Featuring Personal House Plants


    Share your House Plants Photos

    during the
    Housekeepers/Kitchen Manager Zoom Event

    Plants Reveal God’s Provision
    (Provides Oxygen and Removes Harmful Toxins from the Air)

    1)  Looking for landscaped photos your beautiful hardy house plants.
    2) Include in photo - Name, District/Church and Plant Type.

    The plants are not part of the contest.
    It is just showing and sharing our beautiful house plants as a reminder of the health benefits they offer in our lives as we change to healthier lifestyles as Individuals, Kitchen Managers and Housekeepers.

    Please email photos to: cljc.onechurch@gmail.com
    Put in the subject of email: HOUSE PLANTS
    Send photos by October 3, 2022