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The Word of God is preached by Bishop Omega at 11 AM at 701 S. 22nd Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19146. Come hear the gospel delivered like never before! Get a new perspective on scriptures that you've heard over the years. Be open to surrendering beliefs that are not rooted in scripture.
Note: All weekday morning sessions begin promptly at 10AM at the host Hotel.
  All weekday evening activities are free, with the exception of Friday's dinner and comedy show,
which is $55
AM: The Value of Learning About One's Family History – Ms. Bernice Bennett, a professional genealogist, author, producer and host of the Blog Talk Radio Show, "Archives and Beyond", will discuss the benefits of knowing one's family's physical, medical, financial, and emotional genealogy as well as the impact that our heritage has on us today…  Attendees are invited to bring a small framed photo of a person who has greatly impacted their life, as a token of appreciation for standing on their shoulders, to be displayed on a "Table of Honor."
PM:  A Debt of Gratitude will be shown by recognizing the 2018 honorees of the National Women's History month, and sharing a little about what they have done fighting all forms of discrimination against women.  In addition, we will pay tribute to those ladies who are veterans or are currently on active duty in the United States Armed Forces.  Lastly, since music is the universal language, we will have some salute to music by a very special guest, and those who have brought it to us over the years.
Evening Activity (7 PM – 9 PM) - Dr. Zebulon Miletsky (of bi-racial descent) will share the joys and struggles of growing up with both Jewish and African American heritage.
AM: Celebrating Mothers' Wisdom – Mothers and daughters will share intimate stories of life experiences, which have later resulted in expressions of gratitude. This segment also includes the celebration of mother-daughter relationships (1) "With Reciprocal Bonds" and (2) "Through Adoption," which should enable attendees to recognize/celebrate different types of mother-daughter connections through sharing/comparing relationship experiences in the rearing of God-fearing and grateful daughters. Pre-selected daughters of deceased mothers will share an "If my mother was alive, what would I like to say to her" letter. Others will honor their mothers by reading a letter and presenting them with a bouquet of flowers. Note: A formal High Tea will be served during the lunch hour. Get your pearls, gloves, hats, cologne, and pretty outfits items ready. Our Tea is a dressy event, not formal but dressy.
PM: Strengthening the Bonds of Relationships – Pastor Marcos Mercado (Host of local radio talk show, "Marriage Beyond the Vows"), will give a presentation on essential elements of healthy relationships. The presentation will include love/commitment, vital communications, infidelity/sexual faithfulness, humility, patience/forgiveness, honesty/trust, financial stability, and the struggles of addiction in a marriage. Clips from the movie, "Why Did I Get Married?" are included in this segment.
Evening Activity (7 PM – 9 PM) "Getting in the Groove through Social Media: Old School VS. New School." This will be an open discussion regarding on-line dating.
AM: Wearing My Hats with Gratitude – The keynote speaker for this session is Ms. Marilyn Shannon, a listening workshop facilitator, life/business coach, and inspirational speaker who combines elements from life, career, relationship and results so that each of her clients/ groups receive the most effective, well balanced outcomes. When these elements are combined, the stage is set for management, self-empowerment and ongoing growth. Her presentation is designed to provide attendees with tools/strategies which will enable them to work within their many "hats" without losing one's self in the process, wear the "hats" that fit, as well as be able to navigate ever-changing, life challenges. The program will conclude with attendees feeling empowered to embrace whatever hats they wear and finding the courage to remove a few ill-fitting hats.
PM: Setting and Accomplishing Goals (Presentation and Magic Show by Kyle and Kelly Peron) Mr. Peron, both a professional and a magician, will provide a presentation on setting and accomplishing goals within our daily challenges, the power of positivity, triumph over challenges, and how an "Attitude of Gratitude" can enable attendees to overcome life's hurdles and challenges. His presentation will address (1) techniques and strategies to avoid being overwhelmed by life events. (2) how to face challenges the right way and see them as stepping stones on the journey to success in our lives, and (3) how one can be grateful for the little things we each have that we often overlook. Following the presentation, the audience will be entertained by a magic show, further illustrating the topic of the day.

Evening Activity (7 PM – 9 PM) We're launching "Workout Wednesday", where participants will have a great opportunity to stretch out, strengthen muscles and work off calories with professional fitness trainer, Avante Bailey. Please wear comfortable and appropriate gym attire for this session.
The day will open with a SPOKEN-WORD performance by Miss Shirmina Smith (Recommended by Philadelphia's poet laureate, Ms. Yolanda Wisher).
AM: Psychological Trauma and Mental Illness - Presentation by Dr. Holly Sawyer (Therapist).
Have you ever experienced mental or emotional trauma? Maybe you contend with feelings, thoughts and behaviors you don't understand. Please join this powerful session and engage with Dr. Holly Sawyer (Therapist) who will educate you on psychological trauma and the connection where mental health (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, etc) intersects with past and current trauma.

PM: From Trauma to Triumph - Presentation by Dr. Cheryll Rothery (Psychologist).
Learning about trauma continues with Dr. Cheryll Rothery (Psychologist) who will explain its effects and concepts of resilience. Also enjoy a panel of individuals who will tell their own story of trauma, mental health and recovery. Ask questions to the panel led by Dr. Rothery and get an understanding on positively living an emotional well-being, everyday life!

Evening Activity (7 PM – 9 PM) Poetry Workshop by Twin Brother Poets Laureate Nnamdi Chukwuocha and Al Mills (Wilmington, DE) and Dance Expressions by Cynthia Williams-Poree, former dance instructor at Freedom Theater in Philadelphia
AM: Topic: Stress Relief (Oh, What a Relief It Is) –The day's sessions open with attendees having the opportunity to list things on a Gratitude Board for which they are grateful/ appreciative which in itself can re-focus participants from negatives to positives and create a "Gratitude Attitude." The ice breaker entitled "Celebrating Me" encourages attendees to share with a neighbor one thing for which they are thankful.  Attendees will enjoy an expressive Karaoke Skit, and have the opportunity to participate in and enjoy a variety of planned stress-relieving activities including Yoga, Zumba, Meditation, and Art Therapy, among others.
Signing up in advance for the activity of your choice will be helpful to the facilitators.

NOTE: During lunch, 2 medical doctors from Lankaneu"s Main Line Health Care System and Letita Fletcher a professional in Clinical/Counseling Psychology will expound on the impact of stress on one's overall health, as well as methods and techniques for achieving a healthy balance.

PM: Arnold's Family Fun Center Outing in Oaks, PA  -  Participants will enjoy a fun afternoon of electric GoKarts, bumper cars, and laser tag. 

Evening Activity – (7PM – 9 PM)  "Laughter is Good for the Soul" With Live Comedienne, Simply Shirley, from Washington, DC

Attendees will enjoy an evening filled with laughter and fellowship as they enjoy dinner with a live comedy show by Washington, DC's Simply Shirley.  After retiring from working for the federal government she decided to reinvent herself and pursue comedy as a second career. Simply Shirley proclaims that her inner child is now outward bound. In other words, there's still a "whole lot of jelly left in her roll".  She considers herself to be an "eight track" gal in an iPad world and confesses she doesn't know a hash tag from a hash brown.
Did you know that sapphire is the gem that denotes a 65th celebration?  It is a jewel befitting our special occasion!  We plan to go BIG!  The Saturday evening event, to be organized by our National Women's Conference alumni and will feature an exquisitely designed Formal Sapphire Ball.  Upon entry for dinner, you can walk our Blue Carpet, which is similar to the "red carpet" press you see at the Emmy Awards and other such events.   Photos will be taken; but be prepared, facilitators will ask attendees such questions, as, "Who are you honoring tonight?  Who made a difference in your life? To whom would you like to dedicate this evening? etc."  Guests are encouraged to dress in any color formal attire, and Women's Conference Alumni and Planning Committee members are asked to wear sapphire blue.  A LIVE band is scheduled to perform.  Don't miss the surprise legendary guest of the evening!
Are you a hearer of The Word, but not a doer?   You'll think twice about that if you come and hear Bishop Omega.  Be a student of The Word. Bring a Bible, an open heart and mind, and you will be the beneficiary of the good news!  Services begin at 11 AM at 701 S. 22nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146.
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